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KONROL IMPORTS LTD in Cyprus, operating in its current form since 2002, is a family owned waffle and ice cone business, renowned in the Sweets industry in Cyprus for the top quality products it has been offering since its inception in the Cyprus market.  KONROL IMPORTS LTD supplies a considerable amount of businesses around Cyprus with its quality products, whereas a significant percentage of the success that KONROL IMPORTS LTD knows is due to its proven high quality, but most of all to the flawless customer service that characterizes the KONROL IMPORTS LTD team in Cyprus.

Today, KONROL IMPORTS LTD in spite of the leading role it plays in Cyprus, does not become complacent with the success it knows constantly.  KONROL IMPORTS LTD always strives to evolve and keep up with the advancement of technology and the Sweets trade in Cyprus.  KONROL IMPORTS LTD implements investments with building extensions, with sophisticated machinery to ensure its exceptional quality and with innovative systems, always wanting to offer even better products and services to its clients in Cyprus.  In this way, KONROL IMPORTS LTD satisfies their essential needs, both in customer service and in relation to the incomparable superiority of its products.

KONROL IMPORTS LTD was the first company in Cyprus to import and establish new packing materials and packs its products in plastic cases suitable for food products, specially designed to ensure the best transfer and storage conditions of the products.  At KONROL IMPORTS LTD, the quality of our products is our first and foremost priority and for this purpose, every effort is made for the best conservation of the products in our warehouses as well as for their safe transfer around Cyprus.

Always two steps ahead and surpassing the Cyprus common standards, KONROL IMPORTS LTD was the first company that was certified for its ensured quality, acquiring first the international HACCP Certificate and later on the ISO 22000 Certificate from the most reliable entities.  KONROL IMPORTS LTD not only promises quality, it proves it with recognized certificates, whilst the preference that businesses around Cyprus show towards KONROL IMPORTS LTD is one more proof of the strong presence of KONROL IMPORTS LTD in Cyprus.